Don't forget to get a room for WTF!

As the convention creeps closer, some of us think of some important things. Things such as “Do I need to pack that sketchbook?”, “Did I set the alarm before laying down?” or “Do I need that extra pair of underwear?” But the sad reality is, most of us forget that sketchbook (and yes, even the underwear) now and then. One thing that also gets forgotten is making sure you have a place to stay for your visit.

For those of you coming in from out of town, the Hotel Espresso is still offering us a room rate of $110 CDN per night, but the deal isn’t without its end date. The deal ends on May 6th! So if you haven’t made your arrangements with the hotel for a room yet, get on it! The room rate is available for anyone staying at the hotel from May 31st to June 4th, so you can even spend an extra day checking out the sights! Just be sure to mention you’re going to What The Fur when you call the hotel to reserve your room (that would be -514-938-4611 or 1-877-468-3550). Sadly, getting the good rate on the rooms isn’t available online, but if you call, the people working at the main desk of the hotel know us and love us.
If you’re looking for someone to share a room with, we have our forums available on the website, and there is also our Livejournal or Dreamwidth groups for sending requests.

Just 8 more weeks until the creatures of the night come out of hiding!

Oh, and don’t forget the underwear.

What The Fur
June 1-3 2012, Montreal

WTF? November News

What The Fur
June 1-3 2012
Montreal, Quebec, Canada


It has been a little while since we’ve posted an update, but now is the time.
We hope that everyone is looking forward to June, with anticipation building and the excitement levels rising.
The crew of What The Fur is hard at work, planning what is expected to be the best event yet.

In this edition:
  1. Hotel is open for reservations!
  2. Early Bird Pre-Registration is still on!
  3. Dealers and Artists and Vendors, oh my!
  4. Do you have something to contribute to the convention book?
  5. Programming, programming, programming.
  6. DJs! Make us move!


What The Fur May News

What The Fur
June 3-5 2011

So it’s just under a month until What The Fur lands, once again, on Montreal. Just under a month before one of the best furry events takes place, and just under a month until the fun begins.
Hold onto your tails, folks, the hordes are coming!
In this edition:
1)      Dealers Den is nearly sold out!
2)      Pre-registration deadline is almost here!
3)      DJs! We want your music!
4)      Last call for con-book contents
5)      Coming in early? We have stuff for you to do!
6)      The zombie are coming! Grab your guns! (but follow the rules)

Click here for the full news!


Spring News - Nouvelles de Printemps

What The Fur Presents...
Zombie Apocalypse: Night of the Furry Dead
June 3-5 2011
Montreal, QC

A month ago we had a communication from our programming team. It covered many topics, but not everything was included
Now we present you with the rest of the news. The rest of the vital information that you all need to know. As the date that our scientists have predicted would be the launch of the apocalypse gets closer, we at What The Fur realize that many bits of information may get lost, or misconstrued.

Have no fear: We know. We assure you that the Zombie Apocalypse is real, and is happening. The undead furries will take over the island of Montreal… if you let them.

In this briefing:
1) Is chocolate a cure?
2) Can music soothe the souls of the undead?
3) Dealer Room and Art Show Status
4) How to distract Zombies! (or How I Ran A Panel at WTFur)
5) State of the hotel
6) Registration news

Click here for the English newsletter

Il y a de cela un mois, notre équipe de programmation a fait un communiqué. Il couvrait de nombreux sujets, mais tout n'y figurait pas.
A présent, nous vous faisons part des nouvelles restantes. Les dernières informations qu'il vous est vital de connaître.. Puisque nos scientifiques prévoient que la date du lancement de l'apocalypse s'approche, nous réalisons à What The Fur que plein d'informations peuvent se perdre ou être mal interprétée.

N'ayez crainte: Nous le savons. Nous vous assurons que l'Apocalypse des Zombie est réelle et qu'elle va se produire. Les morts-vivants furries vont s'emparer de l'île de Montréal... Si vous les laissez faire.

Dans ce communiqué:
1) Est-ce que le chocolat est un remède?
2) Est-ce que la musique peut apaiser les âmes des morts-vivants?
3) La salle des marchands et le statut de la galerie d'art.
4) Comment distraire les zombies! (ou Comment J'Organise Une Présentation à WTFur).
5) Statut de l'hôtel.
6) Nouveautés sur l'adhésion.

Cliquez ici pour le bulletin français

Coms from Programming

We received this communiqué from our Programming Director. After some deciphering, we are posting the text as best we could make out.

A new year has arrived and like zombies rising from the grave it’s time to gear up for What The Fur 2011.Collapse )

Nous avons reçu ce communiqué de notre directeur de la programmation. Après quelques déchiffrage, voici le texte mieux nous pourrions faire.

Une nouvelle année est arrivée et comme les zombies ont déjà commencés à se lever, il est grand temps de s’armer pour What The Fur 2011. Collapse )
What The Fur 2011
June 3-5
wolves, wolf, cub
  • nyxks

Furry in Toronto

::Waves:: been a while since I posted, but this time round I'm looking to connect with other fur's in the Toronto area and ideally with those who have experience in making Fursuits.

I'm trying to make for my husband his first suit, and well the body is easy enough the paws I think I have a good handle on as well as the tail, but the issue is building a Husky head. We really do not have the funds to have one commissioned thus I'm trying to make it on my own got plenty of urls and ideas but sighs having only ever seen in person a finished head I'm having issues getting my own head around on how to build one for him.

Part of me says make another paper mashie one, like I did for my own wolf head years ago but that one walked at an event I was at and I never saw it again. But I also know that paper mashe really isn't the best form to use for making a good head, from what I gather carving form is the best option (yes no?).

If anyone here is in the Toronto area and if willing to help, please leave me a message, even if its for more URLs or tutorials on how to its all greatly appreciated.

I am on the fursuit group here on LJ, but sighs its still a little confusing to me.

Take care everyone,

10 days to What The Fur!

It’s almost here!

Happily, you no longer have to count the time until What The Fur in Months. Weeks don’t work either. We’re now down to days. 10 full days to be exact. And it is promising to be a fast 10 days.
We know you want to come to What The Fur. We know you’ve been waiting anxiously for it. And we’ve been working hard to make sure that you, our guests, will have more to do than you have time to do it in. What have we got in store for you now?

Click here for details!Collapse )

A few reminders:
-Registration will open at 2:30 PM on Friday. We ask that all those who have preregistered for the convention have their confirmation code and/or email confirmation with them to help speed up your registration experience.
-All registrants will need to provide some form of valid ID (such as driver’s license or passport)
-Registration rates: $40 weekend pass, $90 Sponsor, $20 Child (under 15). Day pass rates are available as well, on our website. Upgrading your membership will only cost the difference between the levels.
-Any and all donations that are collected for the charity, whether in the buckets available around the convention or in the charity auction itself will be donated to the St. Lawrence Valley Natural History Ecomuseum.

See you all in 10 days!


WTF: 3 days left to preregister!

We're getting down to the wire now, and the secrets are slowly being revealed!

Just remember that you have until this Thursday (May 6th) at midnight to pre-register for What The Fur at the nice rate of only $35! And so long as you register, you can pay at the door, keeping your rate locked in! So if you're coming, pre-register!

The schedules are starting to be posted, so keep your eyes peeled. The room times for the Dealers and Art Show are up, as well as the Games room (which opens, but will never close).

And we need your input for our Iron Artist competition! So visit our forums and let us know what you think!


Looking forward to seeing everyone in a month,


Kids Help Phone Walk needs you! (May 2nd)

Hey there boys and girls!

Some of you might already be aware of this event that happens Canada-wide, which is the Kids Help Phone Walk! Basically a fund raising event for the Kids Help Phone non-profit organization, you can donate or ask for donations yourself to do it!
Also, I have been in contact with the organizers and they are A-OK with furries showing up in suit! So, what better excuse to go out in a fursuit than do a walk to help Canadian kids around the country? :)

I've created a team for us furs to join. It's called, and I know the name is VERY CLEVER: Canadian Furry Fandom Canadien.

Feel free to join a walk around where you live and let's all make this happen! It is not only for a good cause, but also great positive advertisement for the fandom at the same time as being a perfect excuse to go out suiting. :)