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WTFur September News

There’s a funny thing about time travel that most people don’t take into account.
When you travel back in time, or forward, it’s not guaranteed that you’ll end up in the same place. Physically. It is a constant danger when travelling forward or back. You might end up on the other side of the city, continent, planet, or (let hope never) it might leave you floating in space. So always remember to make sure your time travelling vehicle is sealed (or at least that the windows can roll up), bring an extra pair of socks (you never know), and your towel (The Guide got that correct).

What The Fur Presents:
Time Travellin’ Furries
May 22-24 2015, Montreal, Quebec, Canada

We have some news!

In order of importance, we have a few major tidbits of news to give you.
The first of which is the most important

We have had to change dates.
What The Fur will now be held on the weekend of the 22-24 of May 2015.
We understand that this might cause issues for some people, and we apologise for this. But the change in dates being us to the second piece of news.
If this directly impacts anyone who has already registered, we ask you to please contact our Registration department as soon as you can.

We’re moving!
In 2014 we moved from the downtown area of Montréal to the West Island area following the closure of our home at the time, the Delta Centre-Ville. We made this tough decision because in the next few years, major changes to the highway interchanges will make it nearly impossible to get around the centre of the city – and any local can tell you how hard it already is to get around downtown. We did not want to put any of you through this nightmare. Moving to the West Island was seen as a great opportunity to find a new home for What The Fur.

Although the Sheraton was a very nice hotel, we listened to you, the attendees, and understood that the area was not up to the standards that you had come to expect. We heard you loud and clear; your message was strong and we have taken decisions accordingly. Once again, What The Fur will be moving. Yes, we know, nobody likes moving hotels, but we're moving to a location that will give you most, if not everything you asked for out of the convention's hotel.
We are moving to the Holiday Inn Pointe-Claire.
The hotel, still in the West Island, is situated south on Highway 40, right across from one of the biggest super regional shopping malls on the island of Montreal, the Fairview Pointe-Claire Mall, as well as surrounded by plenty of restaurants for all budgets and tastes and stores for any needs you might have. And most of which are within walking distance!

You also told us that our event space was too spread out; with this new location, everything is all together, making it easier than ever to move through space (we’re not sure about time yet...). Not only that, but we heard you about the hangout space (the “zoo” as so many of you called it); you’re getting that back! We’re still in discussion about getting enclosures though...
And to top it off, parking is free!

Early Bird pre-registration is still going on!
Keep in mind that our Early Bird pre-registration period is open until December 1st, where you can get your memberships for a much lower rate. On December 1st the prices will go up for everything except for our Patron level of membership

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