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Walk so Kids can Talk

Okay folks, the time is now.
Are you Canadian?
Are you a furry?
...Well, that last one isn't necessary.

Join our team, the Furries & Fuzzies, at the Walk so Kids Can Talk on Sunday, May 6.

Register and join the team online using the link below. It’s free and only takes a few minutes. Let's show them what Furries can do.


Once you’re registered, you can invite your friends, family and co-workers to pledge you online. The pledges you raise will help support children and youth mental health and well-being by ensuring professional counsellors are available 24/7/365 to every kid in need, no matter the issue or the concern. The pledges also help you earn great incentive prizes.

Not in Montreal? No worries! The walk is being held in many cities across Canada. Join the walk locally! And, weather permitting, it's a great opportunity (and excuse) to go fursuiting!

Can't go to a walk in a city near you? Don't want to join our team or are already on one? Support us! We're $5 from our goal, and the more we raise, the better it will be for those helped by the line! pledge here:

Visit  http://www.walksokidscantalk.ca for more information.
Let's help those who need it most.
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