Nyx Wolfwalker (nyxks) wrote in canadianfurs,
Nyx Wolfwalker

Furry in Toronto

::Waves:: been a while since I posted, but this time round I'm looking to connect with other fur's in the Toronto area and ideally with those who have experience in making Fursuits.

I'm trying to make for my husband his first suit, and well the body is easy enough the paws I think I have a good handle on as well as the tail, but the issue is building a Husky head. We really do not have the funds to have one commissioned thus I'm trying to make it on my own got plenty of urls and ideas but sighs having only ever seen in person a finished head I'm having issues getting my own head around on how to build one for him.

Part of me says make another paper mashie one, like I did for my own wolf head years ago but that one walked at an event I was at and I never saw it again. But I also know that paper mashe really isn't the best form to use for making a good head, from what I gather carving form is the best option (yes no?).

If anyone here is in the Toronto area and if willing to help, please leave me a message, even if its for more URLs or tutorials on how to its all greatly appreciated.

I am on the fursuit group here on LJ, but sighs its still a little confusing to me.

Take care everyone,
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