What The Fur April News

Time ticks away. One second per second, moving forward and not stopping. It's a drawback to not actually having a time machine. And as time moves forward, the future becomes the present, and then the past. But when something is coming on the temporal horizon, you have to get yourself ready to seize the moment. And the time for seizing is now. Or will be now. Or will have has to be...

What The Fur?
Time Travellin' Furries
May 22-24 2015
Montreal, Quebec, Canada

In Tomorrow's News Today:
Pre-registration Deadline
Hotel Deadline
Programming Update
Conbook Submissions
Charity Auction
Dealers Update



Le temps s’écoule... Seconde par seconde, allant de l’avant sans pouvoir être arrêté. Il est problématique de ne pas avoir de machine à voyager dans le temps. Avec le temps qui s’écoule, le futur devient le présent, puis le passé. Mais quand un événement apparaît sur l’horizon temporel, il faut être prêt à l’accueillir. Et il est maintenant temps. Ou il sera maintenant temps. Ou il était temps plus tard…

What The Fur?
Time Travellin' Furries
22 au 24 mai 2015
Montreal, Quebec, Canada

Les nouvelles de demain, aujourd’hui:
Fin de la période de préinscription
Période de réservation pour l’hôtel
Nouvelles de la programmation
Soumissions pour le Livre de Convention
Encan de Charité
Nouvelles des Vendeurs


WTFur September News

There’s a funny thing about time travel that most people don’t take into account.
When you travel back in time, or forward, it’s not guaranteed that you’ll end up in the same place. Physically. It is a constant danger when travelling forward or back. You might end up on the other side of the city, continent, planet, or (let hope never) it might leave you floating in space. So always remember to make sure your time travelling vehicle is sealed (or at least that the windows can roll up), bring an extra pair of socks (you never know), and your towel (The Guide got that correct).

What The Fur Presents:
Time Travellin’ Furries
May 22-24 2015, Montreal, Quebec, Canada

We have some news!

In order of importance, we have a few major tidbits of news to give you.
The first of which is the most important

We have had to change dates.
What The Fur will now be held on the weekend of the 22-24 of May 2015.
We understand that this might cause issues for some people, and we apologise for this. But the change in dates being us to the second piece of news.
If this directly impacts anyone who has already registered, we ask you to please contact our Registration department as soon as you can.

We’re moving!
In 2014 we moved from the downtown area of Montréal to the West Island area following the closure of our home at the time, the Delta Centre-Ville. We made this tough decision because in the next few years, major changes to the highway interchanges will make it nearly impossible to get around the centre of the city – and any local can tell you how hard it already is to get around downtown. We did not want to put any of you through this nightmare. Moving to the West Island was seen as a great opportunity to find a new home for What The Fur.

Although the Sheraton was a very nice hotel, we listened to you, the attendees, and understood that the area was not up to the standards that you had come to expect. We heard you loud and clear; your message was strong and we have taken decisions accordingly. Once again, What The Fur will be moving. Yes, we know, nobody likes moving hotels, but we're moving to a location that will give you most, if not everything you asked for out of the convention's hotel.
We are moving to the Holiday Inn Pointe-Claire.
The hotel, still in the West Island, is situated south on Highway 40, right across from one of the biggest super regional shopping malls on the island of Montreal, the Fairview Pointe-Claire Mall, as well as surrounded by plenty of restaurants for all budgets and tastes and stores for any needs you might have. And most of which are within walking distance!

You also told us that our event space was too spread out; with this new location, everything is all together, making it easier than ever to move through space (we’re not sure about time yet...). Not only that, but we heard you about the hangout space (the “zoo” as so many of you called it); you’re getting that back! We’re still in discussion about getting enclosures though...
And to top it off, parking is free!

Early Bird pre-registration is still going on!
Keep in mind that our Early Bird pre-registration period is open until December 1st, where you can get your memberships for a much lower rate. On December 1st the prices will go up for everything except for our Patron level of membership



What The Fur? Fairy Tales
May 17-19 2013
Montreal, Quebec, Canada

How can we let a good thing end so soon?
The answer: We can't. The masses have spoken, and so the decision has been made to keep pre-registration open for another 2 weeks! Well, nearly. We will be keeping pre-registration going until Friday, May 3rd at Midnight. But this will be your final chance to pre-register.
This also means the last few tables in the Dealers Den are up for grabs too!

And the good news keeps on coming!
The Hotel has informed us that it will continue to accept room reservations at our convention rate so long as they have the rooms available in the hotel! So if you're still doing the math, or just about missed the deadline, don't worry! There's still room! But the offer is subject to change without notice, so don't delay too long!

Looking for something to do?
Do you want to be on programming at What The Fur? It's not too late to suggest a panel or workshop.
Or you can look at our current panel listings - what we already have planned - and sign up for a panel or two.

Happy Easter Everyone!

What The Fur: Fairy Tales
May 17-19 2013
Registration and Hotel Reservations
There are now only two weeks left to pre-register for the convention! As of Midnight on April 16th registration will close until the beginning of the convention. This also means that as of midnight on the 16th we will no longer be offering the Patron level of membership. At the door, the prices for our Regular and Sponsor levels of membership will be going up by $5, so register as soon as you can! Just go to http://register.whatthefur.ca.
Also, the hotel will no longer accept reservations under the What The Fur room rates as of Midnight on the 16th, so if you haven’t already reserved your room at the Delta, now would be the time! There are still rooms left to be had, and everyone knows that staying in the hotel makes for an easier visit. Go to http://hotel.whatthefur.ca for details, and for the link to reserve online.
As above, Dealers registration will also close on the 16th. With the added space in our new Dealers Den there are still tables available, but they’re going fast. Make sure you have your spot by registering now! Also, we have added an option to purchase extra table space! Due to demand, you can now add 3-foot or 6-foot table spaces to your spot. If you have already registered your place, but want to add more room, just visit the EventFox registration site and add them to your registration. It’s that simple!
Art Show and the Charity Auction
If you have something you want to have on display, whether just for viewing or to have people bid on, our Art Show still has room left. There is information on the Art Show page of the website, and the panels are only $25 each until the 14th.
And if you have something you’d like to enter into the Charity auction, or something you’d like to provide to help us raise funds for our charity, please let us know! This year we will be adding a raffle area, so that you can buy tickets to bid on specific items without them being in the auction! But we’d like to have things donated to the cause! Just send us an email to auction@whatthefur.ca if you have any questions on what might be accepted.
The International Fursuit Hockey League is shaping up nicely! The referees are busy putting the details on the rules, but already we have teams chomping at the bit to face off against eachother! Right now we have teams of fursuiters from Montreal, from Boston, and from Toronto, with a possible fourth and fifth coming in soon!
Do you want to play? Sign up now by sending an email to ifhl@whatthefur.ca. Sign up will also be available at the Registration desk at the convention.
Panelists and Presenters
We’re still open for ideas and for people who would like to help on the programming side of the convention.
If you have an idea for a panel, a workshop or a presentation, let us know! Remember that you don’t have to be on the panel to submit an idea, we just want to know what it is you’d like to see! But if you have the itch to help out by being on a panel, or you want to run a workshop, we’re very much open to that as well!
The Dance
On Saturday evening, we will be starting our usual dance with a little bit of flair! In honour of our theme, we will be hosting a Masquerade Ball! So break out your bowties, your suits and dresses, and shine your shoes up! For the first portion of the dance, of course, masks are requested, whether you use just one, or put another over your fursuit.
Also, we’re still on the hunt for DJs for the dance! If you’re interested, send an email to av@whatthefur.ca.

Are you getting anxious?

We might be a few weeks late, but fairy tales don't tend to take place in the winter months. Despite the snow, ice, and storms, we're hard at work prepping for the best What The Fur ever
So enjoy your mug of cocoa, put on your favourite slippers (ruby are allowed), and read on, my friends

In this newsletter:
-Registration News
-Hotel Reservations
-Panelists and Presenters
-Hey, we hear you like games
-Writers! We want your words!
-Conbook Goodness

Click here to read it all!

What The Fur: Fairy Tales
May17-19 2013, Montreal

WTFur 2013 Registration is now open!

Bradley_purpleWe are pleased to announce that registration for What The Fur 2013 is now officially open!

Our Early Bird registration rates will be available from now until November 31st. On December 1st, the prices will change. Visit our Registration Page for details, and for the link to register for the convention.

All memberships are available! Regular, Sponsor, our new Patron level (which includes a meal in the Tour de Ville restaurant), and even our extremely-limited Lifetime Membership levels are all open!

And Dealers, you can also now register for your tables!

Just go to http://register.whatthefur.ca

What The Fur?: Fairy Tails
May 17-19 2013

Once upon a time…

…there was a mountain. But this wasn’t just any mountain. This mountain was royal. It’s wooded slopes were the home to all manner of creatures. After many years, the trees gave way to the expansion of a kingdom. Giant buildings made of shining glass were erected, roads and causeways were created to aid in the delivering of goods and services. But the animals still remained, and thrived. Annually, folk from other kingdoms come to visit the Royal Mountain. They come from lands near and far for one purpose: To celebrate.
The pumpkin carriages are parked, the orchestra has struck the first note, and the banquet is awaiting. What The Fur 2013 is ready to receive you to our Fairy Tale kingdom! We’re pleased to announce that our fourth convention is building up nicely, with the staff rallying their elves and fairy godmothers to help.

What The Fur? Fairy Tales
May 17-19 2013
Montreal, QC, Canada

In this issue:
  • Our New Dates
  • Our New Hotel
  • Guest of Honour!
  • Enough with the new, where’s the stuff we like?
  • We need your help to make this happen!

Click here to read the whole thing
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It's almost here!

There's less than a week left to pre-register for What The Fur, so what are you waiting for? We've even decided to keep the Pre-Registration open until the 25th. Why? Because we like you all that much!
So pre-register now, because as of midnight on Friday the 25th of May, we close the door to pre-registering on the website, and you'll have to register at the door. We won't turn you away as we have plenty of room, but the price will be a little higher. So be sure to register now! There are also rooms left at the hotel! So long as you register at the hotel using the What The Fur code (which is, easily enough, What The Fur), you're guaranteed to get the convention room rate. We'll try and have everyone on the same floors, so if you haven't, book your room soon.


Il reste moins d'une semaine pour vous préinscrire pour What The Fur, alors qu'attendez-vous? Nous avons décidé de garder la pré-inscription ouverte jusqu'au 25. Pourquoi? Parce-que nous vous aimons tous autant que ça!
Alors préinscrivez-vous maintenant, parce qu'après minuit le vendredi 25 mai, nous fermons les portes de la préinscription sur le site web, et vous devrez vous inscrire au guichet. Nous n'allons pas vous refuser puisque nous avons plein de place, mais le prix sera un peu plus haut. Alors assurez-vous de vous inscrire maintenant!
Il reste également des chambres à l'Hôtel! Tant que vous vous inscrivez à l'Hôtel, en utilisant le code What The Fur (qui est, facilement, What The Fur), Il vous est garanti d'avoir le tarif de convention pour la chambre. Nous allons tenter d'avoir tout le monde au même étage, alors si vous ne l'avez pas encore fait, réservez votre chambre prochainement.

Walk so Kids can Talk

Okay folks, the time is now.
Are you Canadian?
Are you a furry?
...Well, that last one isn't necessary.

Join our team, the Furries & Fuzzies, at the Walk so Kids Can Talk on Sunday, May 6.

Register and join the team online using the link below. It’s free and only takes a few minutes. Let's show them what Furries can do.


Once you’re registered, you can invite your friends, family and co-workers to pledge you online. The pledges you raise will help support children and youth mental health and well-being by ensuring professional counsellors are available 24/7/365 to every kid in need, no matter the issue or the concern. The pledges also help you earn great incentive prizes.

Not in Montreal? No worries! The walk is being held in many cities across Canada. Join the walk locally! And, weather permitting, it's a great opportunity (and excuse) to go fursuiting!

Can't go to a walk in a city near you? Don't want to join our team or are already on one? Support us! We're $5 from our goal, and the more we raise, the better it will be for those helped by the line! pledge here:

Visit  http://www.walksokidscantalk.ca for more information.
Let's help those who need it most.
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